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True Stories


Tracy Weems - Texas Peace Officer

The IROC MD is changing lives for the better, one round at a time. For me it took less than a 30 round mag to realize how effective this muzzle device is and how important it is to my long term health and hearing.

I operated my M4 for 12 years as a SWAT Team Leader and Commander with a standard A2 Flash Hider, believing there was nothing better. I wish the IROC MD had been around during that time, as I would have purchased one for each of my M4 operators. The IROC MD has long-term hearing benefits and something I discovered during my testing, it focuses all the blast pressure downrange, one more thing to the bad guy to deal with, and there is A LOT of blast pressure.

On a range day recently I was shooting through a barrel (actually a 6 inch hole in the bottom of a barrel) when I made the mistake of pulling the muzzle back away for the hole far enough that the blast pressure impacted the sides of the hole in the barrel instead of going through the hole. The result was immediate and overwhelming. I had never felt that kind of blast pressure before, even when working on the Bomb Squad. It was a great illustration of how effective the IROC MD is at focusing the energy away from the shooter, and those around him.

There are thousands of gadgets and gear available out there for those who are serious about finding what suits them and their rifles, the IROC MD should be at the top of everyone’s list. It will save your hearing, and those around you, when the shooting starts.

Be vigilant, stay safe, have fun!

Katina Madianos-Fiorem – Member Tested and Recommended Program© Coordinator

“I’ve been on a Florida Law Enforcement SWAT team (SRT) for 24 years and we have been using the Colt M4 Commando for over 5 years in various operations such as high risk search warrants, barricaded subjects, hostage situations etc. I have fired our weapons (M4) in live operations including training scenarios inside shoot houses and one of the major things we have to get use to are bright flashes from the muzzle blast and the blast over pressure. These can be a devastating experience when you are first exposed. We also operate with NVG system in training and in clandestine operations, which with the blast over-pressure momentarily cancels out the NVG system.

For the last 4 months, I’ve been using my IROC MD and the advantages have been extremely outstanding and above my expectations. While using my NVG there is no cancellation on the NVG system due to blast over-pressure. When shooting in closed in structures (CQB) the muzzle blast and the over pressure is almost none existent. I’ve also shot some of my teammates M4’s that don’t have the IROC MD and the over pressure and muzzle blast is devastating… The IROC MD has enhanced and supported my operational performance and I would highly recommend it for any specialized unit using any M4 assault rifle or any rifle of that type that generates over pressure or muzzle blast…”

Katina Madianos-Fiorem – Member Tested and Recommended Program© Coordinator

January 16, 2015 – “Thank you for participating in our “Member Tested and Recommended Program.” The IROC Muzzle Device (MD) has been tested and recommended by the members of the National Tactical Officers Association. Your overall score was a 5.00. Attached with this letter is the Member Tested and Recommended Gold logo which is only awarded to products that receive a perfect score of 5.0 by our reviewing members. It may be used solely with the specific product that was tested. The logo can also be used on all marketing pieces for this product, website and press releases. Attached is a copy of the complete reviews that your company can use as well.

Once again, thank you for participating in the Member Tested and Recommended Program©.”

NTOA Tester #1 – Member Tested and Recommended Program© Coordinator

“… the IROC was easy to mount on my rifle, which I did right away, and headed for the range. I shot about 180 rounds through the IROC and was impressed with it immediately as I started with a “standard response” (two to the upper thoracic), then went to the non-standard response (two to the upper thoracic, four to the pelvic girdle). While I wasn’t using a shot timer to catch the actual time between shots, it felt like I was able to achieve a slightly faster string of shots. Also, while I had never really noticed any muzzle flip, I did notice that there was really no movement at the muzzle with the IROC on it. I was curious about the pricing of the IROC MD, so I referred to the company’s website (http://iroctactical.com) and found that they retail for $329. This seemed a bit high for a muzzle device so I emailed the company and received a very prompt reply letting me know that they do have a government pricing program, but also giving me quite a bit of additional information about the product. As it turns out, this device is designed to minimize blast over-pressure from the muzzle of the rifle. So, not to sound like a commercial for IROC Tactical, but it seems that I was tasked with testing out a product that was more than a muzzle device. The IROC MD is designed to protect the hearing of operators like us that put hundreds, if not thousands, of rounds down range every month. The science behind this technology is a bit beyond the scope of this review, but as I looked into it a bit more, I grew to appreciate the need for this product in protecting my hearing. I like that the IROC MD serves more than one purpose. It works well doing what I thought it should do; controlling muzzle flip and allowing for quick follow up shots while allowing the user to dial in their rifle’s cyclic rate (the MD is adjustable to control cyclic rates). What is more important to me in the long-term is my hearing and this device will help protect that. Since it’s not in the cards for my team to purchase suppressors for our rifles (due to the public perception & stigma more than any other reason), this may be a viable option for us.”

NTOA Tester #2 – Member Tested and Recommended Program© Coordinator

“As indicated by the web site for the IROC Muzzle Device, it is an adjustable muzzle device that functions as a muzzle brake, compensator and flash hider. Swapping out my factory flash suppressor to install the IROC was quite simple and swapping them back out again was just as easy. For my test with my AR15, I used the American Eagle .223 caliber, 55 grain FMJ. The IROC performed in an outstanding fashion and I was truly impressed. It did add a little weight to the upper receiver compared to the factory flash suppressor, but it also reduced the muzzle flash and was not as loud as the factory suppressor. Yes, I actually removed one of my ear plugs and I do not have the decimal reading, but it was quieter shooting with the IROC. I noticed that my shot groups were tighter at the distance of 50 yards (less than 1/2 groupings) and got even tighter at 25 yards (less than 1/4 groupings). Going backwards to the 75 and 100 yards distances, the shot grouping remained the same as what I experienced at 50 yards. I fired 240 rounds through my rifle during the testing and eventually determined that the recoil was less having the IROC attached. While shooting in the prone position, the blow area began one foot past the barrel and extended another approximate 3.5 feet. Having been a shooter of the M16 and AR15 platforms for 30 plus years, this was much different compared to shooting with the factory suppressor, which typically and immediately created the blow area at the barrel and ended within two feet after the barrel.”

SWAT Commander, Seminole County Sheriff's Office

“I have 28 years in Law Enforcement and currently have tinnitus, that constant ringing in the inner ear. It has been determined that exposure to gunfire in several active situations, and at training was the major contributor to my problem. It would have been nice to have a product that is on the weapon to reduce the noise in a gunfight, because as we know you don’t wear hearing protection while on duty.”

CEO, Ares Firearm Training - Trae Johnson

“I tried the IROC muzzle brake a year ago on my range. I tried it on my seven inch upper on my class three full auto Colt 5.56. I had been having problems with it cycling properly. The IROC made it function on full auto properly and without further problems. I’ve been using it ever since on that upper and zero problems. Furthermore, it reduced the recoil and directed it straight to the rear. This also directed away and reduced the muzzle flash, concussive blast, and sound. This allowed my to stay on target and get a quicker follow up shot. We also tried it on my 7.62×39 ten inch upper. I had been having problems cycling with that too. It fixed the problem and made it controllable. It didn’t rattle your teeth anymore when you shot it. You could see the huge difference between the IROC muzzle brake and all the other on the market with the 7.62×39 upper. My 5.56 IROC has about 20,000+ rounds through it and it’s in great shape. They roll.” ~ TRAE JOHNSON

CEO, Christopher's Custom Arms - Chris Brooks

“My friends at IROC Tactical gave me one of their muzzle devices to try out. This device is the most advanced muzzle brake/flash hider on the market. I don’t T&E many products because they usually come with conditions and suggestions, and many of you know how critical when something new makes it’s way to the market. But this time I was intrigued and I was given ZERO conditions on how and where I evaluate IROC’s device. To make a long story short this thing is great! It’s as good if not better than any brake I’ve tried with infinitely better flash reduction. Nobody shooting near me got blasted, very light recoil and the flash signature at 50 yards is roughly equivalent to a lighted wrist watch. I’m so impressed that as of today IROC Tactical muzzle brakes are available as an upgrade for your existing rifle, or as a recommended option on all built to order uppers and rifles.” ~ CHRIS BROOKS

Grand Slam Guns, Owner - Michael Friend

“I recently received an Iroc Muzzle Brake in the mail from Sergie over at Iroc Tactical, with instructions to “Test it without Limitation”. I always enjoy testing new products and this one was no different. I had heard about the Iroc MD and as a Gun Shop Owner and Operator of a Firearms forum, I am always looking for new products for my customers as well as products to review on the website.

The first thing that was obvious to me was that IROC had spent quite a bit of time on engineering this product with quality materials and machining. It truly is built like a tank and I had no doubt in it’s durability. When compared to similar devices side by side, there is an obvious difference in quality and I don’t mean just a little bit either.

Accuracy was another thing that I really wanted to concentrate on and from 50-100 yards, using various ammunition it was dead on. For optics, I used an Acog TA31, Aimpoint CompM4, Eotech XPS2 and just plain old back up iron sights. I tinkered with adjusting the IROC a little bit, but once I got it where I liked it, I was good to go and had a blast with this thing. I had seen the videos of some of the guys shooting the rifle unsupported and just had to see for myself. I was amazed to see that the rifle pushed literally straight back with little to no muzzle rise at all.

Once I saw how the Iroc was pushing straight back with no muzzle rise, I concentrated on follow up shots and some quick 3-5 round groups and was extremely impressed. I have never been able to stay that accurate at that speed. There is no doubt that the IROC MD makes me a more effective shooter.

I was so impressed with the product that I called IROC and placed my first order of IROC MD’s and .22 conversion kits. These guys know what they are doing and I am glad to be able to offer their products to my customers on a daily basis. Very rarely does a product live up to the hype like the IROC does.” ~ MICHAEL FRIEND

James Ogden, Former military special operations

“The IROC Muzzle Brake is an amazing device. When added on to the end of short barreled rifle, it not only dramatically increases the reliability of that weapon system, it also drastically reduces the concussion signature of the weapon. When firing in close quarters and tight spaces, such as inside a vehicle, the device enables the shooter to engage targets in a kinetic environment while simultaneously allowing fellow shooters to be far less impacted from the concussion by design, ultimately allowing your teammates to operate with less impediment. If that wasn’t enough, the adjustable device also allows for the gas system in the weapon to operate at its optimal levels and maximize the reliability of the weapons system.” ~ JAMES OGDEN

Brant Singletary, Former Military

“I recently shot two AR platforms with the IROC MD on them, one being the 5.56mm and the other being the 7.62mm both were select fire weapons. I have utilized numerous types of muzzle devices and none compare to the all around performance of the IROC MD. The IROC MD substantially reduces the muzzle rise even when firing the 7.62mm in full auto it was totally controllable. The sound and concussive force produced by both rounds was drastically reduced it actually makes the weapons more comfortable to shoot. The muzzle flash reduction was amazing we did night fire testing and if you weren’t looking at the end of the barrel when the weapon fired the flash was virtually undetectable and if you were the flash was minimal. I will put the IROC MD on all my weapon systems and highly recommend this muzzle device.” ~ BRANT SINGLETARY