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“SAVE your EARS, SAVE your GEAR.”

“The sound of a gunshot isn’t really a sound but rather a shockwave also-known as an air blast overpressure.”

– Stephen Katz & Associates – Shooting Range Noise Solutions

Hearing loss and tinnitus are the leading causes of workers’ compensation and disability claims in law enforcement and the military. While ear protection is a necessary equipment when operating firearms, it does not provide you complete protection!

Ear Protection offers moderate protection from noise, blast overpressure, on the other hand, leaves long-term damage to the body, not just hearing.

While ear protection is a necessary equipment when operating firearms, they do NOT provide you complete protection! Ear protection gives you some protection from sound pressure waves (see top animation) from entering your ears and affecting your inner ear, blast overpressure (see bottom animation), shockwaves, leaves damaging effects to the whole body, not just hearing. Have you ever left the range with a headache or migraine on top of ringing in your ears or slight deafness? It’s not because you forgot to use your ear protection, rather, it’s due to the blast overpressure hitting your head.

Inspired by the aerospace industry, the IROC MD is an adjustable muzzle device that functions as a muzzle brake, compensator, and flash hider – “all-in-one.”

The IROC MD was developed specifically for the tactical operator. It’s patented Blast Forward design reduces blast overpressure by redirecting it forward and away from the tactical operator, his team and the sensitive equipment mounted on the rifle and helmet.

The IROC MD reduces Blast Overpressure by up to 75%.

“SAVE your EARS, SAVE your GEAR!”