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Less Overpressure, Flatter Trajectory


Surgeon .308 Rifle and LWRC 8.5″ Pistol equipped with IROC MD

May 24, 2016, Orlando, FL – Our newest IROC’er originally mounted IROC MDs on both of his firearms for the purpose of 1) reducing 75% overpressure, and 2) have the ability to interchange ONE IROC Suppressor to both weapons platform. To his surprise he got exactly what he expected and then some…

The IROC MD’s unique blast forward design not only reduces overpressure but it also gives the exiting round a more controlled and uniform fluid flow. As a result, a flatter round trajectory and better ballistic outcome!

Long range shooters (military & law enforcement snipers and hunters) can now have the benefit reduced overpressure as well as a better shot!