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IROC MD is changing lives for the better, one round at a time.

February 3, 2016

The IROC MD is changing lives for the better, one round at a time. For me it took less than a 30 round mag to realize how effective this muzzle device is and how important it is to my long term health and hearing.

I operated my M4 for 12 years as a SWAT Team Leader and Commander with a standard A2 Flash Hider, believing there was nothing better. I wish the IROC MD had been around during that time, as I would have purchased one for each of my M4 operators.  The IROC MD has long-term hearing benefits and something I discovered during my testing, it focuses all the blast pressure downrange, one more thing to the bad guy to deal with, and there is A LOT of blast pressure.

On a range day recently I was shooting through a barrel (actually a 6 inch hole in the bottom of a barrel) when I made the mistake of pulling the muzzle back away for the hole far enough that the blast pressure impacted the sides of the hole in the barrel instead of going through the hole. The result was immediate and overwhelming. I had never felt that kind of blast pressure before, even when working on the Bomb Squad. It was a great illustration of how effective the IROC MD is at focusing the energy away from the shooter, and those around him.

There are thousands of gadgets and gear available out there for those who are serious about finding what suits them and their rifles, the IROC MD should be at the top of everyone’s list. It will save your hearing, and those around you, when the shooting starts.

Be vigilant, stay safe, have fun!

Tracy Weems

Texas Peace Officer