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About us

We’re Putting Rocket Science On Your Rifle!

The IROC Tactical team is comprised of experts in the fields of aerospace, mechanical, and thermal engineering. Our backgrounds include work for NASA, DoD, automotive, and medical device industries. All IROC Tactical products are made in the USA at our manufacturing plant in Orlando, Florida. The IROC Tactical mission is to enhance the shooting experience for both tactical and recreational communities in the US and internationally.

Sergie Albino, President & CEO

“For us it’s all about science. With our muzzle device for example, we took high speed propulsion flow studies and the physics based off rocket and engine designs and put it on the end of your rifle to enhance accuracy and precision, increase round velocity and reduce concussive force that can lead to permanent hearing loss.”

“Our aim is to make the warfighter more lethal by providing them a 3-to-1 advantage over enemy combatants.”

“IROC – Increases Reliability On Combat!”

Blast Over-Pressure vs. Sound Pressure

“The sound of a gunshot isn’t really a sound but rather a shockwave also-known as an air blast overpressure.” – Stephen Katz & Associates – Shooting Range Noise Solutions

While ear protection is a necessary equipment when operating firearms, they do NOT provide you complete protection! Ear protection gives you some protection from sound pressure waves (see top animation) from entering your ears and affecting your inner ear, blast overpressure (see bottom animation), shockwaves, leaves damaging effects to the whole body, not just hearing. Have you ever left the range with a headache or migraine on top of ringing in your ears or slight deafness? It’s not because you forgot to use your ear protection, rather, it’s due to the blast overpressure hitting your head.

Blast Over-Pressure YOUR Hearing Safety

“A 10-year study on police found that even with double ear protection, hearing loss still occurred in 75% of those studied.” – Department of Otolaryngology, National Taiwan University Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan.

 Blast Over-Pressure from rifle muzzle travels through bone conduction to damage hearing. The IROC MD mitigates this damage by redirecting the blast over-pressure downrange, safely away from the operator and his team. The IROC MD is the solution to improving the occupational hearing safety of law enforcement professionals.

AR-15 Muzzle Device Breakdown

It all starts with superior design. The IROC MD starts with a unique adjustable design as well as an innovative system that sends the blast forward instead of porting gasses back at the user. Because of these advances in design, the IROC MD is your all in one muzzle solution.

While our competitor’s designs will fill one or some of the potential roles a muzzle brake can fill, the adjustability of the IROC MD means that it will fill all roles. Our patented four step adjustability system means that you control the gas pressure and dwell time. By controlling these key variables, you can tune your rifle to reduce felt recoil as well as all but eliminate muzzle climb, even during select fire. Above all else, the IROC MD reduces blast over-pressure by 75%. This is the blast over-pressure that causes short term performance issues like flinch response and disorientation as well as long term health issues such as tinnitus and hearing loss.